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Amazon Rainforest Facts For Kids

    amazon rainforest

  • is the biggest rainforest in the world! Thousands and thousands different types of plants, animals, birds and insects live in the Amazon rainforest. When many different creatures live in one place like this, it is called “biodiversity”. The Amazon rainforest is in trouble.
  • The Amazon rainforest (in Portuguese, Floresta Amazonica or Amazonia; Selva Amazonica or Amazonia), also known as Amazonia or Amazon jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. This basin encompasses seven million square kilometers (1.
  • A forest that gets a lot of rain every year.

    for kids

  • 4Kids Entertainment (commonly known as 4Kids) is a Worldwide International American film and television production company. It is known for English-dubbing Japanese anime, specializing in the acquisition, production and licensing of children’s entertainment around the United States.
  • Virtual Stadium Tours
  • The Sport Ju-Jutsu system for kids is designed to stimulate movement and to encourage the kids natural joy of moving their bodies. The kids train all exercises from Sport Ju-Jutsu but many academys leave out punches and kicks for their youngest athlethes.


  • A piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article
  • Used in discussing the significance of something that is the case
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amazon rainforest facts for kids

amazon rainforest facts for kids – Bugs! A

Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure
Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure
Explore the extraordinary hidden world of insects, where a leaf weighs more than a car, rain drops feel like exploding hand grenades and a blade of grass soars like a skyscraper. Shot on location in the Borneo rainforest, Bugs! brings the beautiful and dangerous universe of its tiny stars up close and personal with cutting-edge technology that magnifies them up to 250,000 times their normal size. Don’t miss this unforgettable, stunning film that reveals the dramatic, savage and awe-inspiring lives of these fascinating creatures.

56.365; X is for a Xanthic Xanthippe.

56.365; X is for a Xanthic Xanthippe.
??/?z?n??k/ [zan-thik]
1. of or pertaining to a yellow or yellowish color

??/z?n?t?pi/ [zan-tip-ee]
1. a scolding or ill-tempered wife; a shrewish woman

X / Day 56 – July 24th, 2009.

X is for a Xanthic Xanthippe.
Apologies for late upload and crappy photo, and the fact that I haven’t been to your streams yet. 😦

So yesterday, it sure did rain. It was drizzling and sprinkling for most of the day, until 4:00 rolls around. And it’s starts downpouring. Like, the most rain you’ve ever seen in your entire life. For 2.5 hours straight. Amazon Rainforest Rain, I kid you not. That shit was Brazilian.

Meanwhile, Tori and I are already at work which is boring on a usual day, but when not one person comes into the store for that entire time — yeah, just about wanted to break my face with a candle. Farm Boy flooded and had to close, Bulk Barn sprung a leak. Alas no such luck that our store would leak, flood, or have the power go out … (Trust me, we checked.)

My mummy calls at around 5:00 to tell me that
a) The power is out
b) Our street is flooded (to the point that you could canoe down it) and therefore the police have closed either end of it, and
c) Our basement is flooded.

Power didn’t come on again until 4:30 a.m., our basement had about 4 inches of water in it, although I guess this is lucky because some of the neighbours had up to 4 feet of water.
We need entirely new carpets, which are starting to smell like sewage and dog so now my house smells like a dream,
and my Hope Chest is wrecked.

That’s what I get for wishing for rain.

The Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon Rainforest.
Hello my friends since you know how much I love bugs and ants why not take a trip with me to a place with no insects hahah and that is to, (The Amazon Rainforest) , also known as Amazonia, is one of the world’s greatest natural resources. Because its vegetation continuously recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen, it has been described as the "Lungs of our Planet". About 20% of earth’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. Amazonia receives about 9 feet of rain every year. Fifty percent of this returns to the atmosphere through the foliage of trees.The world’s largest tropical rainforest, Amazonia covers more than half of Brazil. The canopy of Amazonia is less studied than the ocean floor.Over 500 mammals, 175 lizards and over 300 other reptiles species, and one third of the world’s birds live in Amazonia. It is estimated that about 30 million insect types can be found here. Today the Amazon River is the most voluminous river on Earth, eleven times the volume of the Mississippi,For reference, the Amazon’s daily freshwater discharge into the Atlantic is enough to supply New York City’s freshwater needs for nine years. rapid deforestation threatens the Amazon. At current rates, 55 percent of its rain forests could be gone by 2030—a looming disaster not only for the region’s plants and animals, but for the world.do some research and do what ever you can to help save not only the Amazon Rainforest , but all rainforests, even if they are the homes of the things that bite and make you itch haha take care steve.

amazon rainforest facts for kids

Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme
Teachers and parents, here is the easiest, most entertaining way ever to teach about this important habitat. The special talent of this author is entertaining kids while the adults think it is a lesson about the rainforest. Kids will sing, clap, and count their way among monkeys that hoot, ocelots that pounce, parrots that squawk, and boas that squeeze! It will not take much to have your child joyfully hooting and squawking too. And the illustrations are painstakingly all done in polymer clay and then photographed, giving a 3-D effect. They are truly remarkable, vividly conveying the abundant energy of a rainforest, and will inspire many an art project. Plus there are several pages of extension ideas for curriculum and art projects as well as resources on the web and elsewhere.

Please note: The board book edition is 28 pages. It includes suggestions for children to do body movements as the text is read. It does not include additional information about the animals, rainforests, and the score of the song as is in the hardback and paperback editions.